Nvidia’s Ray Tracing Tech Will Soon Run On Older Gtx Cards

Nvidia's Ray Tracing Tech Will Soon Run On Older Gtx Cards
Old GTX cards got a new look I should say when Nvidia tested it's new Ray tracing tech with it. It'll be a super cool of a effect and the old cards will be of good use finally.
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Nvidia’s Ray Tracing Tech Will Soon Run On Older Gtx Cards

NVIDIA has recently declared regarding its ray racing tech. Till now which technology is only available on its new RTX cards but now it is coming to the older GeForce GTX 10-series cards also. This latest technology is going to be released in April and will work on graphical processing units from the GTX 1060 and all above. Continue to read more about Nvidia’s Ray tracing which will run on older gtx cards as well.

Nvidia's Ray Tracing

After the launch of this technology games like Battlefield V will run at low settings but on the other hand, there are several other games like Metro Exodus will run at a great speed. Yes, it will run at just 18 fps at 1440p.

Ray tracing Tech is also known as DXR. Now the question is which will be the game that the user will be able to play on it. Well, the answer to this question is totally depends upon the implementation of this technology on NVIDIA GTX cards.

The best part about this technology is that in Battlefield V it will consume less computing horsepower so it will be easy for you to dial down the strength.

While on the other hand in Metro Exodus in the technology will use the ray tracing with the motive to produce realistic Global illumination in High effects. Well, Metro Exodus is the first game ever that is able to show the abilities of RTX cards.

Furthermore, it also generates and excitement about the latest technology.
Offer benefits
Later on, NVIDIA has given an explanation that it while producing or we can say developing the next-gen RTX tech the shapes using Pascal tech were found. They were Monster feist and the shocking thing was that consumes up to 650 watts.

ou the reason behind that was the old card lacks. On Metro exodus, Technology gets stuck and runs 4 times slower than the cards. On the other hand for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, it falls up to two times. When coming to Battlefield V, the running up falls up to 1.6 times.

Since the latest GTX 1660 and 1660 Ti GPUs are not having the RT or Tensor cores. But still; they share the architectural benefits with the cards. Still, the ability to perform integral Calculation and running floating points get done simultaneously.

Till now, there was no big issue recording the technology and running speed because no actual games other than Battlefield V what are taking advantage of the ray tracing. But now after this release, NVIDIA also declared that the two famous gaming engines Unity and Unreal

Engine will also support Ray tracing. This news has confirmed that now the developers can easily implement the technology and now more game can get developed for game lovers soon.

Help the developers
A new set of tools that are going to be used in the gaming engines has also been revealed by the NVIDIA. The tool for the game engines called GameWorks RTX. This tool will help the developers in implementing the ray tracing game.

The tools include RTX Denoiser SDK that helps in enabling the real-time Ray tracing by using the technique that can easily reduce the number of samples per pixel and also the count of Re.

There are several other effects that will be supported by this technology including the light shadows, glossy reflections, ambient occlusion, and diffuse global illumination. The latest factors that are releasing will definitely help in making the interface of games prettier.

Finally, NVIDIA has also revealed about some ray-traced games and experiences point they have also given a brief demo of Remedy Entertainment’s Control. In order to provide a closer look, the company has decided to show off all the game at GDC.

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